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Jans offers its customers self storage facilities at its premises here at Portree Industrial Estate and also at our site in Crossal, which is 12 miles south of Portree.


Each storage container is 8ft x 20ft, with a capacity of 33 cubic metres in the larger container, and provides clean and secure storage for your requirements.

There are three options for you to consider:

Option 1 New or ex shipping purchase: Price - POA

Option 2 Rental on site £123.50 a month ex vat.

We also have available to rent at our Portree site 10ft and 8ft containers.

10ft are £64.74 a month ex vat

8ft are £47.87 a month ex vat

Option 3 Rental on your site (20ft container only) - £123.50 a month ex vat with a delivery and collection charge.

Call 01478612087    email

Containers for sale

Option 2.jpg

20ft single use/new


All our new/single use containers are built to a high quality specification & designed for secure storage.

They're constructed to full marine specifications from corrosion resistant Corten steel.

Length 6.06m 20ft Height 2.60m 8ft 6in Width 2.44m 8ft

Green ex shipping.jpg

20ft - ex rental - green or blue

The second-hand containers we supply are guaranteed to be structurally sound, water tight and suitable for use as secure storage and in very good condidtion

Length 6.06m 20ft - Height 2.60m 8ft 6in - Width 2.44m 8ft

Email for availability and a quote.


Moisture reduction

Container desiccants reduce the humidity in the container and consequently reduce or eliminate the need for in-box protection. It is essentially the same concept as fixing a leaking roof rather than needing buckets to collect the dripping water.

Both products below are available for sale @Jans

Absorpole is to be installed vertically. It is activated by pulling out 
the inner grey container. After securing the collector with a pin 
from the back, Absorpole shall be hung from a container lashing 
ring with its integrated hook. Make sure to leave at least 25 mm / 
1’’ of space between the cargo and the desiccant. 
Absorpole starts to work immediately. The calcium chloride 
absorbs moisture from the air and dissolves it into a brine that 
will be trapped in the off-white collector. Once captured, the 
moisture will not re-evaporate back into the air.

AbsorGel® Blanket-X starts working as soon as it is removed from 
its transparent sealed packaging or when removed from a box 
master PE-bag. 
It is normally placed on top of the cargo or pallets. One of the 
benefits of the AbsorGel® Blanket-X is that it can be installed 
outside the container. The calcium chloride (of 94% purity) 
absorbs moisture from the surrounding air passing in through 
its permeable packaging (DuPont™ Tyvek®). The liquid Calcium 
Chloride turns into gel by the modified starch. 
AbsorGel® Blanket is equipped with adhesive pads to keep it 
securely in place. 



Minimum requirements on site:

Hard standing for a 26 Tonne Vehicle - Lifting reach 12.5 metres from the side of vehicle.

Minimum road width 5 metres - No offloading within 10 metres of overhead cables.

The drivers decision is final.



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Whether you are a family moving home, a business requiring documents to be stored, or someone simply wanting additional space to store those excess household goods which are cluttering up the home, then Jans can help you.

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