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Access & Powered Access
Self propelled scissor lift - indoor use

Increase productivity in high rise spaces with the Genie scissor lift thanks to its ability to be driven at full height and designed for excellent maneuverability in tight spaces and narrow aisles.


  • Front-wheel drive and zero inside turning radius

  • Compact dimensions for easily passing through standard double doors

  • 3-ft (0.91 m) extension deck maximum platform workspace

  • 25% gradient to get up slopes and loading ramps

Rough Terrain Scissor Lift - outdoor use
  • Larger work platform with dual extension decks offers great productivity.

  • Powerful diesel engine, oscillating axels and four-wheel drive provide better performance on most rough terrain job sites.

  • Standard features with one button auto leveling outriggers, overload system and motion alarm, help the operator to complete the job in a much safer way.

tel 01478 612087  email


Ideal for outdoor construction and industrial applications, the Genie® Z®-45/25J RT articulating boom lift provides lifting versatility with a combination of up, out and over positioning capabilities with outreach that’s second to none. This model’s tight turning radius and zero tailswing make for easy manoeuvring in confined work areas. 


• Full-time active oscillating axle helps maintain traction on rough terrain
• 4WD and 45% gradeability for superior terrainability
• Dual parallelogram and fully proportional controls for precise boom positioning and smooth performance
• 1.52 m (5 ft) articulating jib with a 135° vertical rotation to accurately position workers
• 160° hydraulic platform rotation and self-levelling platform for precise platform positioning and easy operation

Boom Lift

tel 01478 612087  email

Scaffold tower - 6m to 7m Platform Height

youngman scaffold.jpg

The scaffold tower is the versatile modular platform tower system for indoor and outdoor use. Fitting through standard doorways and down corridors with snap-click fittings and versatile stepped height platform adjustments the MiniMax® is the ultimate one person system. The  tower system has a platform height of 6m or 7m.

  • For indoor and outdoor use

  • Compact Base Pack fits through standard doors, corridors and into your van

  • Snap-click fittings for easy of assembly

  • Adjustable platform height

  • Swivel-locking castors for easy tower maneuverability

  • 260mm rung spacing for safe climbing

  • Easy to transport and store

  • One person operation of Base Unit

  • Modular lightweight system

Mini Tower

One person scaffold tower


The mini tower designed to be transported, handled, assembled and used by only one operative. It can be constructed up to a working height of 6m and its compact footprint means it is perfect for use in confined spaces. The base unit is also narrow enough to fit through standard doorways.

Cup lock Scaffold


Cuplock scaffolding in a variety of heights and formats, ideal for both the professional and d.i.y user.  Easy to erect all you need is a spirit level and a hammer.  

Call in or telephone us with your required measurements and we will be happy to work out what scaffolding you need and give you a quote

Cost: The cost will depend on the size of the building you are scaffolding. Each component is individually priced. All scaffolding is for a minimum week hire.


Single Section Roof Ladder




  • Suitable for roof slopes of between 15° and 55°

  • Fitted with ridge hook assembly and support bearers for safety

  • Ridge hook assembly fits onto central ridge of roof

  • Wheels for easy manoeuvring

Push Up Extension Ladder - 3.11m - 7.46m


This ladder makes it easy to reach high up places around your house or anywhere else where you may need elevation. This Youngman Trade 400 3-Section Push Up Extension Ladder - 3.11m - 7.46m has an easy to use push-up operation with wall wheels that makes it simple to lengthen your ladder up to 7.46m allowing you to get on with your job quickly and efficiently.

To hire

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