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Lighting and Power

Elite AURORA LED UPLIGHT Contractors Work Light 110v with PTO Socket


- 4ft circular surround LED lighting
- 36w LED light
- 3000 lumens
- IP54 rated fitting
- 3m cable
- 16amp 110v plug
- Retractable aluminium alloy tripod
- 1 power take off socket for linking lights together
- Link up to 20 units from 1 power supply
- Weight: 4kg

Transformer 1.6Kva Continuous


Used for stepping down UK mains voltage to 110V CTE (centre tap earthed) site safety supply. Commonly used with construction industry power tools.

  • 2 x 16A Output Sockets

  • IP44

  • Thermal Overload Protection

  • Provides Isolation from Mains

Cable Reel 110V 16A


These reels feature a sturdy steel frame construction with carry handle for easy movement around the worksite or home. They come with two outlet sockets to run one or more power tools etc., and the sockets are protected with spring loaded protection flaps to keep unwanted debris out when not in use and a winding knob for easy and tangle free reel-in.

NOTE: all cable reels should be fully unwound before they are used to carry a full load, this will help the cable to keep cool and not overheat.

Portable 1KW Generator

Compact, lightweight and ultra-quiet, our handy portable range provides super clean power in the remotest of locations. These Highly portable and fuel efficient generators have acoustically insulated casings and also an advanced exhaust muffler system, to reduce operational noise to a comfortable level. Weight is kept to a minimum by using ultra-lightweight materials such as magnesium.

Continuous KVA:1.13 KVA

Maximum KVA:1.25 KVA

Continuous KW:0.90 KW

Maximum KW:1.00 KW

Sockets:1 x 13a 230v

Fuel Type:Petrol

Run Time:8.00 hours

Noise Level:52 dba @ 7m



4.5KW Generator


The EM4500 dual voltage delivers clean power with extended run time, making it ideal for a wide range of demanding applications from home equipment backup to powering equipment out in the field. Smooth power is achieved with AVR technology maintaining a constant output voltage, compensating for fluctuations when the equipment starts up or the load changes. This helps provide a stable power source vital for running sensitive electronic devices safely. Multiple outlet sockets with switchable voltage allow you to run different appliances.

Maximum output

4500 watts

Continuous output

4000 watts

Voltage & frequency

230/115v @ 50hz

The EU70iS is equipped with an electronically controlled Fuel Injection system, which increases fuel efficiency by up to 15%. The introduction of a newly developed inverter assists by reducing power loss and raising maximum output. This enables the EU70iS to easily handle initial power peaks required to start motor driven appliances (like air conditioners or refrigerators). The 16% larger fuel tank and improved efficiency allow the generator to run longer in continuous operation – at half load it can operate for an estimated 12 hours.

Supplying a maximum power of 7000W and a rated power of 5500W, it produces clean and smooth power, essential for computers or other sensitive electronic equipment.

52 dBA @7m 1/4 Load – 91dBA Lwa
Extended Run Time – Up to 6.5 hrs at rated load on a single tank of fuel. Estimated 12 Hour continuous operation @half load
Low Oil Alert prevents engine damage
Push Button Electric Start
Parallel Operation – link 2 generators together to double the output via optional Parallel Operation Box
Eco Throttle: which automatically adjusts the engine speed to precisely match the load. This saves fuel & contributes to quieter operation


5.5KW Generator (Low Noise)

20Kva Generator

  • 1500rpm, EU Stage V Kubota water-cooled diesel engines, complete with high engine temperature shut down, low oil pressure shut down.

  • Lockable control panel housing.

  • Deep Sea DSE3110 push button start / stop controller with 2 wire start facility.

  • Super silent with close fitting acoustic cabinets with noise level as low as 60dba, complete with large access doors for ease of maintenance.

  • Brushless AVR controlled maintenance free alternators, voltage regulation +/- 1.0%.

  • Max. Power (400V): 15.2kW

  • Cont. Power (400V): 13.8kW

  • Max. Power (230/115V): 14.0kW

  • Cont. Power (230/115V): 12.8kW

Tower Lights


Key Features

  • Compact design

  • Three lamp head option including a six LED head

  • 960kg fully fuelled

  • Super silent at just 60dB(A) from 7m

  • Stage V compliant engine

  • Perfect for pitch side or construction sites

To hire

01478 612087

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