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For professional work on high hedges and use near the ground. Reduced-weight transmission, 2-MIX engine with Ecospeed for speed control when working for long periods in noise-sensitive areas, Stihl ErgoStart, cutter bar adjustable by 145°. Total length: 242 cm.

Long reach 145 degree hedge trimmer

lawn scarifier


CAMON's lawn scarifiers are designed to remove dead grass or thatch and moss amongst the healthy grass of the lawn. This gives the grass itself the best opportunity to grow healthily, and helps provide a fantastic lush green surface to your lawn.

Stihl Sr450 Backpack Mistblower

stihl blower.jpg
  • Stihl SR 450 mistblower is a powerful 2-in-1 backpack mistblower for spraying large areas of liquid and dusting and spraying granules.

  • With a spraying distance of up to 14.5 metres and easy to use functions, this model allows you to work efficiently and in comfort.

  • The 2 in 1 conversion mechanism allows you to switch from spraying liquid to dusting granules in no time.

  • Displacement 63.3 cm³

  • Weight 1) 12.8 kg

  • Container capacity 14 l

  • Fuel capacity 1.7 l

  • Horizontal range 14.5 m

  • Max. air flow rate 2) 1300 m³/h

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