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Winter Fuels

Winter Fuels

It is getting rather chilly out there so we thought we better let you know some of our winter fuel range at Jans.

Our first winter coal delivery arrived last week, and we're pleased to say our coal prices will remain the same for the whole of winter 17/18.

20KG Doubles £8.50 a bag or 3 bags for £23
20KG Smokeless £11.50 a bag or 3 bags for £33


We also have;
Hardwood Logs at £4.50 a net bag or 3 net bags for £12

Kindling at £3.50 a bag or 3 bags for £9

Verdo Briquettes at £3.99 per pack or 3 packs for £10

Verdo Pellets at £3.99 per bag or 3 bags for £10


And as always, we supply the full range of Calor gas cylinders. Contact us for more info.


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