We're Recruiting

We're Recruiting

What are we up to ?

What are we up to ?


We are currently working on a development programme which unfortunately impacts on our customers, we would ask for your cooperation and understanding during this period of works.





Widening the entrance road to 8 metres to improve traffic flow and parking,
Construct adjacent footpath in order to segregate pedestrian from traffic.
Installing LED energy saving street lights to improve safety during winter
Construct 3. 3.5 metre wide Disabled Parking Bays
Construct 2. Drop off/Loading/Pick up Bays

Construction of 17,000 sq. ft. Multi Level Warehouse to incorporate heated Self Storage

Construction of 10,000 sq. ft. Bespoke Office and Business Starter Units at Leasgeary Road

We would ask all our customers;
PARK ONLY IN DESIGNATED AREAS (or by directed by Staff)

Thank you.

Our sign shop is open for business!

Our sign shop is open for business!








Our sign shop is back open! Phil who has recently moved to the area has a vast experience in the sector and will be happy to advise on any signage you require.

Give him a call on 01478 612087 or email


MultiTrack ground protection

MultiTrack ground protection








MultiTrack is the original and best plastic ground protection system and is recognised as the essential ground care solution for construction sites, military, civil engineering projects, utilities maintenance, event management, housebuilding and more.

MultiTrack enables quick, safe and easy site access, and is ideal for maneuvering heavy equipment around with minimal disturbance to the ground.

Fast, easy and economical, MultiTrack mats are extremely lightweight at only 39kg, which means they can easily be handled by two workers, without the need for specialist or expensive lifting equipment.

Featuring different configurable tread patterns for multiple applications – including Roadway, Walkway and Smooth – MultiTrack is an ideal solution for creating temporary roadways, car parks, site compounds, military bases, temporary runways, event flooring and pedestrian walkways.

MultiTrack mats are made from environmentally friendly 100% recycled plastic, and are guaranteed unbreakable by vehicles up to 120 tonnes.

Contact our hiredesk for a quote.


Stihl Click & Collect

Stihl Click & Collect

iMow from Stihl

 iMow from Stihl

Introducing the iMow® Robotic Mower

Finally, the automation you’ve been waiting for: the iMow® Robotic Lawn Mower from STIHL. Once installed and programmed by your participating STIHL iMow Dealer, iMow cares for your lawn automatically and according to your desired mowing plan. Choose a STIHL robotic lawn mower to see the benefits for yourself.



The iMow Advantages

More Intelligence – A Mower That Thinks

Your iMow works in accordance with a pre-programmed mowing plan, while still being able to react to changing conditions. Within a set timeframe called Active Time, your iMow decides whether or not to mow. For example, if it’s raining, the sensor tells iMow not to mow and to catch up on the lost mowing time later in the week. For rainy climates, iMow is capable of mowing in the rain and the rain sensor can be deactivated.

Maximum Flexibility During Charging and Mowing

If your iMow robotic lawn mower has a large area to cover in a short time, it can recharge itself faster. If it’s taking the night off it charges itself slowly, thus extending battery life. When mowing, iMow adjusts its speed to suit the mowing conditions. On hilly terrain, the iMow robotic lawn mower uses its tilt sensor and adaptive slope speed to effectively mow slopes up to 24 degrees with the RMI 632 P model.

Even Mowing Across All Areas

Utilising different perimeter wire installation tools and its flexible programming, iMow can be programmed to mow a variety of different yard layouts (like a front or back yard). Your STIHL iMow Dealer can determine the best installation solution for your garden.

A Beautiful Lawn in Every Way

iMow has an edge mowing option to get a clean cut along the edges of your mowing area. You can also plan how your iMow returns to the docking station by choosing between following the perimeter wire or making the journey to the docking station in a more arbitrary way.

Here at Jans we're happy to view a customers lawn and advise on the most suitable machine and quote for instalation. Call us on 01478 612087 or email

Genie articulating boom lift @Jans

Genie articulating boom lift @Jans








Ideal for outdoor construction and industrial applications, the Genie® Z®-45/25J RT articulating boom lift provides lifting versatility with a combination of up, out and over positioning capabilities with outreach that’s second to none. This model’s tight turning radius and zero tailswing make for easy manoeuvring in confined work areas.


• Full-time active oscillating axle helps maintain traction on rough terrain
• 4WD and 45% gradeability for superior terrainability
• Dual parallelogram and fully proportional controls for precise boom positioning and smooth performance
• 1.52 m (5 ft) articulating jib with a 135° vertical rotation to accurately position workers
• 160° hydraulic platform rotation and self-levelling platform for precise platform positioning and easy operation

Max Working Height52 ft 1 in | 16.05 m

Max Horizontal Reach24 ft 8 in | 7.52 m

Max Up and Over Clearance (riser extended)23 ft 5 in | 7.14 m

Platform Capacity500 lb | 227 kg

Contact our hire desk for more details

01478 612087

Manitou all terrain telehandlers for hire

Manitou all terrain telehandlers for hire








Ideal for building and construction sites, Jans now have two 4WD all terrain Manitou Telehandlers for hire.

The MT625 is capable of a lift height of 5.85m and has a 2500kg lift capacity

Combined with its 3 steer modes and small footprint, this compact telehandler is ideal for operation on narrow sites where access is restricted or crowded.


Also available is the MT 1840 telehandler which is specially designed for high bay/high rise work sites, with a lifting capacity of 4 t up to 18 m in height. Equally at home on uneven terrain, it has a generous ground clearance and tight turning radius so manoeuvrability never becomes an issue.

Additionally excellent lateral and front stability make it a reliable on-site partner.

Robust and design to last, this handler is equipped with a low frame steel door and quality components to ensure longevity. For easy transportability, multiple slinging points have been provided. A true multi-tasker, it can be adapted to meet all of your needs



Contact our hiredesk for more details and prices (01478) 612087 or send a message.



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